What You Need To Know About the Indian E Visa

Richard Reed
July 21, 2017
Indian E Visa

The Indian E Visa is described as electronic authorization that allows people to travel to the country of India for medical, tourism or business visits. When you apply for an E-Visa you won’t have to submit your personal documents or your passport to a consulate. This is because everything is conducted online. The E Visa approval is issued electronically and in advance before you depart to India. When you reach the immigration-checkpoint, this visa will be placed into your passport.

Who Is Able To Apply For An Indian E Visa Online?

Citizens from 161 countries are able to apply for the E-visa, this includes the United States that are eligible for the application of an Indian E-Visa for India. These e-Visa are dedicated to international travelers planning to visit India for medical, business and tourism purposes.

How Does The India E Visa Work?

The e-Visa is processed electronically and sent to a traveler through email. When this traveler arrives in India they will undergo biometrics (fingerprints) when they arrive at the airport. This is followed by stamping their passport.

Because the E-Visa’s are issued online, there are no requirements to submit the traveler’s documentation or original passport for processing. The scanned copy is enough for an E-Visa application. However, the traveler will need to carry their valid and original passport when they travel. The Indian E Visa will be issued for double-entry visits which includes a stay of up to 60 days from the date of the first entry. Only 2 Indian e-visas for one traveler will be issued within a period of a year.

The Difference Between The Traditional Indian Visa And the India E Visa

The traditional visa can be obtained through a specific application process where a traveler is required to submit an original passport with other required documentation for the purpose of approving the visa. This visa is then stamped inside the traveler’s passport. While this process necessitates more paperwork and more time, this visa once issued offers longer validity along with multiple entries.

Citizens from eligible countries that are traveling for the purpose of business, tourism, medical or leisure purposes now have the choice to apply for the Indian Visa online. This process provides a way to grant a visa electronically. The visa is then stamped into the passport when the traveler arrives in India, while fingerprints of the traveler are also taken.