Best Places to drink with Friends in London

Richard Reed
March 16, 2016

A right drink with a right buddy at a right location can just make the life look awesome. If you are in London with some cools folks, then the weekends can make you live double, with a right drink in hand. All that you need is to reach the right destination, as mentioned. On this context, we make your task easier by recommending some of the heavenly zones where you should spend the free hours with your favorite bottles and buddies. Check it out!



This is a destination worth celebrating with your favorite buddies in a lifetime. Especially, the place is just awesome if you are planning about a bachelor party anywhere sooner. It is here to mention that the bar has managed to find a place many times in the list of best bars over the globe. Being specific, if you are crazy about the rums and would love to share with the same among your buddies, then there can’t be any better option for you than the Artesian. Hopping here recently can make your day through the auspicious collections of flavors of Butterfly Wheel menu.

Beufort Bars at Savoy

Being seated at the cores of London, this beautiful destination can just make your day along your freaky friends with its extravagance. More the night gets older, more is the lavishness of the place amazes you. It’s a place that finds hardly any free hours from the champagne crazies. Well, the destination has been equally exciting for the corporate cocktail parties and the ceremonial cabaret nights. One suggestion for it; come with a gang. Bigger is the gang; livelier  the night becomes here. So, just hop here and explore the fun like never before.

OXO Tower Bar

If the combination of a scenic view with the favorite drink is your priority among the buddies in London, then OXO Tower Bar is like a must visit recommendation for you. Perched on a gigantic high over the famous Thames River, the place can just blow you away with its ecstatic view. Though you will find moreover a classic feel or the classic people, still it can offer you enough elements to just go gaga with your friends and the sensational drinks here.

Aqua Shard

Here we come up with another destination at a mammoth height, which is a must visit destinations among the friends. Aqua Shard is also blessed with some awe-inspiring views around. It feels like viewing the whole London from the destination itself. Glitters of the city get even more exquisite through the lofty drinks from here. If you are looking for a best recommendation for the convocation day, a get-together, or something massive as an event, then Aqua Shard can offer you the desired wholesome.

The Luggage Room

Names like The Luggage Rooms are frequently spelled when the recommendation for the most antique bars is asked. Well, being antique doesn’t mean it’s boring. Rather, it is one of the most enchanting names in the city to celebrate a drink among the friends. The environment around here is quite glamorous being extremely suitable for youthful charms. It’s perfect recommendation if a luxury drink is something your priority.